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Religious Unrest Continues in Sri Lanka

An attack was launched by a Buddhist mob against a Mosque in Colombo on Saturday August 10th 2013, just one day after Muslims celebrated “Eid Ul Fitr”. At least 12 people were injured in scuffles that broke out during the siege. The reason for the attack was based on the claim that the new three-storey structure on […]

The Secretariat for Muslims

Secretariat for Muslims was established in 2011 as a civil society institution. It is governed by a Board of eleven Directors representing political and civil society sectors. After extensive discussion, it was decided that SFM would focus on building capacity for Muslim organizations through interventions under these four pillars;

    • Coordination and Networking
    • Research and documentation
    • Advocating for policy change
    • Co-existence through inclusiveness

The strategic niche of the organization is as the convener of the diverse Muslim representations, and to support partner organizations through the provision of technical assistance in research and advocacy for policy and legislative reform. The organization works with organizations at the grassroots level, mid-level and policy level, while linking with organizations both vertically and horizontally in the articulation of Muslim aspirations.